Uh ... thanks?

While we at the Dallas Observer are more than happy to receive any and all awards, especially those that don't involve participating in some sort of swimsuit contest, we couldn't help but be baffled by the recent discovery that we walked away with the Best Music Info (Print) award in something called the Hot Stew Awards. Honestly, we have no freaking clue as to what these awards are exactly, except they were held by a local nonprofit Web site, musicstew.com, run by "two guys who love music and want to help promote the awesome North Texas music scene," or so says the "about us" section on the site.

Since we weren't available at the time, we'd like to take a moment to thank God, the Academy, our parents, Charles from Hellafied Funk Crew, our good friends in Chet Arthur, the Dallas Swing Dance Society, and the 10 people who voted for us. If you didn't see your name, hey, you know we love you all. Sorry, we're getting a little choked up. After all, nothing is more impressive than having our name mentioned in the same breath as other winners such as Frognot (Best Overall and Best New Act) and Eden Automatic (Likely National, which we assume means Next Big Thing or something like that). First a Topaz Award, and now this. What did we do to deserve it all?

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