Update: Ridglea Theater's Future Remains Up In The Air, And Hank III Ain't Happy About It.

Things still very much appear up in the air as far as the future of Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater is concerned. Last we checked, it seemed the venue was on the verge of becoming a Bank of America. Still could be, actually, but a Facebook page and various notes to city council members ain't letting the venue go off too gently into the good night.

The Star-Telegram's Preston Jones has been all over the story, constantly updating readers with his findings--and they're all worth the read.

But, really, the one thing you need to see is this impassioned plea from one Hank Williams III, the third generation country outlaw who has played the venue countless times over the years and who Jones reached out to for comment on the venue late last week. Check it:

"Fort Worth has enough banks to last a lifetime, but good music venues are hard to come by. The Ridglea has always had a great energy about it that makes for historic shows. Once you walk in that place, it feels like music and art -- not a place for crooked bankers!"


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