Uptown Ultralounge Suite Closed Yesterday.

The news spread pretty quickly among the scenesters yesterday afternoon: Suite, the ultralounge located near the intersections of Travis and Knox, closed, apparently after the club's owners chose not to re-up their lease on the property--or so this Dirty Dallas post, with its image of the lock-out notice posted to the club, implies.

Now, we normally wouldn't be ones to bemoan the loss of a supposedly trendy club in the crowded Dallas ultralounge playng field, but to its credit, Suite seemed to be opening its doors to new, exciting ideas of late--specifically with local DJ Big J's Friday night residencies in the club's second room, Suite Basement.

Seemingly given the run of the place, Big J tapped into something pretty special with his concept there, inviting various DJs from different walks of the Dallas scene to join him each week in the festivities. And the results were pretty impressive. One glance around the room on a recent Friday night, and it was quite clear: Crowds that didn't too often intermingle elsewhere--hipsters, electro fans, hip-hop heads, Top 40 fans--were doing so at "the basement." For that, J deserves some credit.

For the same reason, he's also the one who seems to have lost the most from the club's closing. But, based on recent Twitter activity, the uber-optimistic and cheerful J seems dead set on continuing the party, although where remains up in the air.

We've put a word into J to gauge his thoughts on the matter and will keep you updated once we catch up.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.