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So this is the end of it, the final drop of blood squeezed from the tombstone. After the boxed sets and script books comes this wonderful little soundtrack packed with anthems and incidentals and even outtakes (Mr. Rosso going "Up on Cripple Creek"). It's a perfect adios of a package: Joan Jett and Rush, Joe Jackson and Heatwave, XTC and the Who, a little of this and a lot of that without sounding like anything remotely classic rock. Even the score, composed by Michael Andrews, is so spot-on that you have to double-check the track listing to make sure things like "Clem's Theme" and "Lindsay Disturbed Theme" and "Gettin' High" are new compositions and not archival tracks dug up for this set-in-1980 show. The obsessives will wonder why there's no Grateful Dead or Styx's "Lady" or, oh, "25 or 6 to 4" performed by the McKinley High School Marching Band. But it's for obsessives, anyway--us freaks and geeks for whom Nick's "Lady L" is the perfect love song and Millie's rendition of "Jesus Is Just Alright" is just, well, awesome.
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