VEGA/Neon Indian Returns To Texas, Still Without Gear

Spoke with Alan Palomo earlier today to welcome the VEGA/Neon Indian frontman back to Texas, but also to inquire on the latest with his bands' gear situation since it was stolent last week. Seemed an especially pressing concern--what with Neon Indian set to make its live debut with a performance on Thursday, September 10, at J&J's Pizza in Denton before the band heads off to Morrison, Colorado, for its Sunday, September 12, Monolith Festival performance at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

But, since filing a report with the Sacramento police, the band's attempts to locate its gear have been fruitless.

"We just gave the police a list of the items that were stolen," says Palomo, who just got back to Texas last night. "That, and check Craigslist to see if someone's gonna try to sell it all."

Thankfully, Palomo says, a number of supporters have chipped in, sending the band cash to help buy the replacement gear necessary for its upcoming slew of shows, which will also find the touring through Europe. 

"Most of the donations have come from friends and supporters back home," Palomo says. "There have been a few random names that I don't know, though. It's just like, uh, thanks for the support, y'know?"

That kind of support also helped VEGA make up for the fact that it had to cancel some shows in Canada that it had planned to play before getting its gear stolen; on the way back home, the band was able to raise funds by performing at DJ gigs in Los Angeles on the way back home to Texas. And, in the coming days, Palomo says, the band should be able to re-purchase the bulk of the equipment it lost--or at the very least, the equipment it needs to create Neon Indian's warped, summery sounds in a live setting.

Says Palomo: "We've got too much momentum going right now to let this get in our way."

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