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Video: Calhoun Loses Its Hold On Chuck. Except Not At All.

As promised, the Fort Worthians in Calhoun saw their song "The Earth Has Lost Its Hold" pop up in last night's episode of NBC's Chuck--twice, in fact. (Suck on that, The Bright!)

Above, you can watch the whole danged episode. Or you can just skip right ahead to around the 20-minute and 37-minute marks in particular to catch the exact moments in which "The Earth Has Lost Its Hold" swoops and swirls and sets the tone for the lovey-dovey-but-kinda-dangerous relationship between the show's titular character and his ex-college flame, Jill.

Gets the job done, I'd say. But here's what the Calhoun frontman Tim Locke had to say when we reached out to him via Myspace to get some reaction to the song's usage:

"It's a little scary when you sign off on something like that, but to sum up:

1. Did the song total justice--Chuck is a good show, so that really helps.
2. Twisted Sister only beat us by one play. [Editor's note: Twisted Sister's "We're Not Gonna Take It" was also played throughout the episode.]
3. The naked ballsack guy from Borat was the guest star."
Sounds like he approves. Also, in case you were curious as to what type of company this places the band in, here's a fansite that's been keeping track of the impressive list of acts to have had songs played on the show.

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