Video Captures Van Halen Fan Pretending to Get Run Over to Save Spot in Line

If you made it out to the Van Halen show on Wednesday, chances are you had a pretty bizarre night. You may still be recovering. David Lee Roth has that kind of effect on people. But for all of the bizarre things that happened on stage at Gexa Energy Pavilion, the real excitement came after the show when everyone tried to leave.

Dallas music fan Sandy Bates Emmons was attempting to negotiate the gridlock in the parking lot with her husband and friends when she saw something that she just had to record: Two people, fighting over a place in line, got into a heated argument. Eventually, one of the protagonists got out of her truck and laid on the ground, pretending to have been run over by the other person.

Craziest Van Halen concert PARKING LOT FIGHT ever...crazy woman in standoff with Lexus dude about cutting line. Wait till the end!! This deserves to go viral.

Posted by Sandy Bates Emmons on Wednesday, September 23, 2015

It would all be pretty hilarious if it weren't so unsettling. Well, OK, it's still pretty funny. But Sammons didn't pull her phone out just for laughs. "I recorded it in case it escalated," Sammons says. "I know I was laughing, but it was quite unnerving to see adults acting this way."

Before she'd started recording, Sammons explains that the man in the SUV had been trying to merge into traffic. "Nobody was letting us merge out of our spaces and into the flow," she says. That's when the woman in truck got out, blocked his way and proceeded to remove the air cap from one of his tires and taunt him with it. As the video shows, a stream of obscenities followed.

"It was crazy," says Sammons.

Did alcohol have anything to do with the situation? Well, uh, we won't speculate. But one thing that definitely was a problem was the traffic around Fair Park that night. Having a packed house at Gexa the same night as the State Fair was a recipe for congestion — and, as the video shows, frayed nerves.

"It was a mess getting in last night and a mess getting out," says Sammons, who was waiting in line to exit the parking lot for a half hour. "I wish this would really highlight the problem with traffic control at large parking lots and events that let out all at once. ... Parking lot rage is as dangerous as road rage."
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