Video Premiere: Greg Schroeder's "In Bloom"

IN BLOOM by Greg Schroeder Directed by Josh David Jordan from TWO CANS & A STRING on Vimeo.

Since 2008, with his ever-present beard and hat, Greg Schroeder has been one of the great country-folk singer songwriters in the area. Schroeder's tunes are the kinds that can make the simple combo of a voice and a guitar seem grand in their emotional impact.

As it turns out, his music can have a similar impact in video form. Schroeder recently teamed-up with Dallas filmmaker Josh David Jordan, who has also directed videos for the Polyphonic Spree, to film a video for Schroeder's aching "In Bloom" from the 2011 album bearing his last name.

Not that we here at DC9 at Night are film critics, but this is a fantastic video that profoundly tells a story without pounding anyone over the head, which is a perfect accompaniment to the poignancy that much of Schroeder's music excels in.

"'In Bloom' has always seemed cinematic to me, from the opening note," says Jordan. "It tells the story of a performer on the road. All too many times we glorify the touring lifestyle when in all reality there is no reality. When it came to shooting this music video we just used moments that we both have encountered. I wish the song was ten minutes long because of all the greatness that never made the final cut."

Well, here's to hoping a Director's Cut of this clip is on the way soon. Enjoy the clip below and catch Schroeder tonight at Dada with Whiskey Folk and Goodnight Ned.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.