Video: St. Vincent Performs "The Party" In A Cemetery Church For Pitchfork.

Pitchfork.tv has launched a new series on its site today called "Cemetery Gates," in which it invites an artist to perform a private show in a cemetery... in Brooklyn, of course, because, y'know, how deathly hip.

And performing in said premiere episode? Why, it's Dallas' own St. Vincent, of course.

(What? You thought her show had passed, so we must be done? I laugh at you. Laugh, laugh.)

Anyway, it's a nice little feature. So check out the above clip of Annie Clark and her band performing "The Party"--it'll give you a nice idea of the group's live arrangements if you missed Thursday's show. And, if ya dig that one, check out "Actor Out Of Work," too. Although, to be honest, of the two, I much prefer the one above.

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