Video: The DPD Shuts Down The Rec Shop's Customer Appreciation Party

Still waiting to hear back from, well, pretty much all possible sources on what went down on at the Rec Shop's customer appreciation celebration on Sunday afternoon. As our slideshow and, now, the above video clip shows, a whole bunch of cops showed up to emphatically shut down the party. Why? Well, rumors are circling about (of course), but we're going to wait until we've hear back from some folks before divulging anything more on the matter. Got calls into the DPD, the Rec Shop and a few others, too, to see why such a crazy scene took place. At this point, no reports have been filed--at least none that can be publicly viewed via the DPD's Web site.

For now, though, I think the above clip (shot, I believe, by Nic Hernandez) kinda speaks for itself.

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Pete Freedman
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