Vinyl Fantasy's Nathan Johnson Dishes on Sunn O))), Peaking Lights and ... Carly Rae Jepsen?

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We've started poking around in locals' iTunes, iPods, Spotify playlists, CD players, cassette decks, turntables and brains with one question in mind: What are you listening to? We don't even care if it's good, we just want to know what the music community has been obsessing over, playing on repeat, picking apart, hating or turning people on to. Sometimes, these things even all happen at once.

Nathan Johnson, aka Vinyl Fantasy DJ Empty Cylinder, and one-half of the ambient-metal project CHUDS, holds forth on what's been bludgeoning his eardrums.

"As of late, I've been listening to the recent-ish Southern Lord vinyl reissue of the Sunn O))) ØØ Void album. I wasn't yet into Sunn O))) when this originally came out back in 2000, so it's nice to have a well-done reissue available, and while I probably don't enjoy this quite as much as the Sunn O))) Black One album, ØØ Void is a really good drone doom metal record, or maybe it's atmospheric black metal (or maybe I'll leave metal sub-subgenre name quibbling to hilarious YouTube commenters). Lots of low-end glacial pacing, and haunted monk moans ... pretty great.

"I've also been listening to the new Peaking Lights Lucifer album, but I haven't completely digested it yet, which is a pretentious, lame thing to say. As much as I hate it when other people say that about whatever they're listening to, it is, in this case, true. It has more of that psych-dub goodness Peaking Lights perfected on their last album, 936, and while my early impressions are that only about half of Lucifer is as good as 936, all of it is better than Imaginary Falcons.

"And just so my mother (who I'm sure is reading this) won't think all the music I've been listening to is somehow "evil" in nature, I'll admit that I've had that Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe" stuck on repeat in my brain for at least the past two and a half weeks. To appear to maintain my indie/hipster cred, I will publicly suggest this song sounds like the great Air France song "No Excuses" from a few years back. Privately, however, I will dance in front of my full-length mirror and sing "I missed you so bad. I missed you so bad. I missed you so, so bad" into a hairbrush."

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