Voting Is Now Open For The 2010 Dallas Observer Music Awards!

Some drop-boxes in and around Dallas may already have the dead tree versions DC9 loaded with our latest edition. Most of you, though, will have to wait until tomorrow, the issue's official run date, to see the paper.

Shame you'd have to wait, though. After all, isn't it in this week's paper where the 2010 Dallas Observer Music Awards ballot makes its debut? Sure is, as you no doubt recall from back in May, when we announced the nominees for the 22nd go-'round of the DOMAs.

But--wait a second--turns out the ballot's ready today after all! Yep: As we just announced on Twitter, the online version of the DOMAXXII ballot is currently live and ready for your voting. Check it out right here.

Oh, and since we're talking DOMA stuff, this seems as good a time as any to bring this up: You already knew that we were bringing the Saturday, July 17, DOMA Showcase off of Lower Greenville and down to the stages of Deep Ellum's clubs this year. But you almost certainly didn't know this: In addition to the stages of various venues in the resurgent neighborhood being utilized as part of the showcase of nominated acts, we'll also have an outdoor stage.

As for who's playing it? Well, we'll be revealing that info over the course of the next few weeks. And, as with all this info, the reveals will come first on our @DOMAtweets Twitter account.

Go ahead. Hit it with a follow. You'll want to know this info. Promise.

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