Wanna Eat A Meal Cooked On Dan Deacon's Tour Bus?

Baltimore-based soundsmith Dan Deacon's got himself a reputation for putting on one hell of a crazy live show, as the above photo certainly more than indicates. And his music's got a fine reputation, too--especially his most recent disc, Bromst, which is earning adoring reviews all across the land. But, turns out, Deacon's quite the environmentalist, too, as Preston Jones of the Star-Telegram points out in a really interesting news item today, linking to a Pitchfork item about Deacon's tour bus and how it's running on eco-friendly vegetable oil.

So how's all this apply to you? Well, if you've got some eco-friendly veggie oil handy--five gallons, to be exact--and you pass it over to the band, you and a friend can get into Deacon's Saturday, April 18, show at the Fort Worth Modern Art Museum show for free. Gotta call the band's "oil master", named Geoff, at (862) 266-6130 to set it up, though.

Oh, and if you have 30 gallons of the stuff ready to pass along to the cause, the musicians will also cook and treat you to dinner on their bus. Of course, if you have 30 gallons of vegetable handy, you're probably not having too much trouble finding meals in the first place, so, you know.

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