Wanna Sing Like Kelly Clarkson? There's An App For That.

Yep, that's right: As of today, Burleson's own Kelly Clarkson has an iPhone app.

Far as I can tell, it's basically like Rock Band, but without the pretty integral "band" part; you sing into a mic and the application judges your rhythm and pitch. It's just like Idol, only not at all!

Anyway, details after the jump.

New York, NY., -- August 31, 2009 -- Kelly Clarkson and RCA Records, in
association with Rain, today announced the Kelly Clarkson Open Mic App
is available on the App Store. The Kelly Clarkson Open Mic App is a
unique singing game that allows players to choose a level of difficulty
and then perform a Clarkson song into the iPhone mic or a microphone
connected to an iPod touch. Performances are awarded a score that is
decided by pitch and rhythm with players able to post their scores to
Facebook, Twitter or to the Scoreboard within the App.

"Kelly Clarkson is a world-wide superstar who has always had a
tremendous relationship with her fans," said Tom Corson, EVP/GMA RCA
Music Group. "Rain and Kelly devised the perfect app to allow Kelly fans
to experience her songs all over again."

The game features five tracks off Miss Clarkson's current album All I
Ever Wanted including her current single Already Gone as well as, I Do
Not Hook Up and the smash hit My Life Would Suck Without You. The app
also contains exclusive video of Kelly Clarkson giving instructions on
how to play along with a few expert singing tips.

"It was a pleasure to develop a unique app like Kelly Clarkson Open Mic
utilizing the revolutionary features of iPhone and iPod touch," said
Andrew Howlett, president of Rain. "Kelly and the RCA team were
fantastic to work with and we know fans will love singing along with
these great tracks. Good luck staying on key!"

Additionally, fans who register the highest score on Superstar mode for
the track Already Gone will be eligible to win a very special prize. The
grand prize winner in each US tour market will get the chance to sing
Already Gone at Clarkson's soundcheck, win tickets to the show and
experience a special meet & greet. One runner up in each US tour market
will receive tickets to a concert along with a meet & greet.

"I know my fans are as competitive as I am, and I bet we see some high
scores!  I can't wait to meet the winners out on the road during my
tour," Clarkson said.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.