Want To Be the Observer's Spring 2013 Music Intern?

Will you be enrolled in classes at a local college or university next spring? Are you interested in a writing career, possibly one focused on music? We're looking for a few good interns for spring. These are unpaid positions, but you will earn course credit (given that your college or university is willing to work with us) and the invaluable experience of working in a newsroom.

There will be some data entry involved, but we aren't going to chain you to a desk and make you input data all day like robots! We want people who like to tell stories, and who want to tell stories for the Observer. We'll expect you to come up with story ideas and pitch them in meetings, and to provide smart, engaging content for both print and the DC9 At Night blog.

If you're interested, send a résumé and cover letter, as well as links to recent clips, to joe.tone@dallasobserver.com. This internship will start in early January, so let us know your availability, and where you will be enrolled.

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