Watch: Big Hud feat. Curren$y -- "Summertime Ish"

We're knee-deep in the dog days of summer. And you know what that means: It's obligatory hip-hop song about the summertime! And from a local, no less! Last year, Trai'D's "Summertime" was our guilty pleasure of choice. And this year's likely successor? Why, that'd be the above clip from Big Hud, called "Summertime Ish." It's a jam, y'all.

Hud first caught our eyes a few months back with the release of the video for his song, "What's Wrong Wit Dem?," which introduced Hud to the world as a big-boned rapper unafraid of wearing skinny jeans.

He's still rockin' the skinny jeans in his new Kang Bear-directed video--yellow ones, even. But Hud's got some extra help on the soul-sampling track, too, courtesy of Curren$y, who, along with Wiz Khalifa, Wacka Flocka Flame, Travis Porter and DFW's own Dondria rounds out MTV Jams "Fab 5" newcomers of 2010. It's not like Hud needs it, though: He's got some refreshingly clever raps for a guy coming out of the Boogie scene...

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Pete Freedman
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