Watch: Dorrough -- "Get Big"

Seems Dorrough doesn't think you have enough money--which is to say that you


don't have as much as he has. Or, for that matter, as much as Mark Cuban has.

The Dallas Mavericks owner--who just may soon own Your Texas Rangers, too--makes a quick appearance in an alternate take of the video for the lead single and title track of Dorrough's sophomore release, Get Big. Watch that version--in which it becomes quite clear that Cuban's cameo was an afterthought--right here.

Otherwise, the above, original and "official" video for Dorrough's "Get Big" works just fine. It still features a few cameos--from Tum Tum and some other Dallas hip-hop favorites, plus, uh, the sign above South Side on Lamar.

And, really, it's not a bad song. Our own Jesse Hughey told me he likes it as much as I liked Dorrough's breakthrough, "Ice Cream Paint Job." Meaning? He likes it. A lot.


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