Watch: Erykah Badu Keeps Clothes On, Wows With "Window Seat" on Kimmel

On Tuesday night,

Jimmy Kimmel Live!

aired the above clip of

Erykah Badu

performing "Window Seat" (

fully clothed this time

) alongside her exquisite live backing band--including band director and host of the always awesome Wednesday night jam sessions at the Prophet Bar, keyboard player 

RC Williams

, whose left shoulder gets some fine treatment here.

Here's the thing about this performance, though: It's freakin' incredible--better even, I think, than the album version of the track. But that's neither here nor there because, if nothing else, this performance sure serves as a fine example of Badu's live performance prowess and the ridiculous amount of command she holds over her audiences, who appear to be in nothing less than a trance once she opens her mouth. And, given recent events, I'd say this showing was an incredibly important one; maybe more than ever before, Badu needed a performance like this to prove to those unfamiliar with her work that she's more than just some headline-snatcher. After this display, I can't imagine there'd be too many left with doubts about her artistic integrity.

Just phenomenal stuff, really.


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