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Watch: Erykah Badu Keeps Clothes On, Wows With "Window Seat" on Kimmel

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel Live! aired the above clip of Erykah Badu performing "Window Seat" (fully clothed this time) alongside her exquisite live backing band--including band director and host of the always awesome Wednesday night jam sessions at the Prophet Bar, keyboard player  RC Williams, whose left shoulder gets some fine treatment here.

Here's the thing about this performance, though: It's freakin' incredible--better even, I think, than the album version of the track. But that's neither here nor there because, if nothing else, this performance sure serves as a fine example of Badu's live performance prowess and the ridiculous amount of command she holds over her audiences, who appear to be in nothing less than a trance once she opens her mouth. And, given recent events, I'd say this showing was an incredibly important one; maybe more than ever before, Badu needed a performance like this to prove to those unfamiliar with her work that she's more than just some headline-snatcher. After this display, I can't imagine there'd be too many left with doubts about her artistic integrity.

Just phenomenal stuff, really.

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