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Watch: Fall Indie Fest Winner Summer Ames' Chilling Music Video For "Capture"

Late last month--just a few weeks before entering and eventually winning the Overall Music Award at Grand Prairie's Fall Indie Fest--Dallas' Summer Ames posted the above music video for her song "Capture" to YouTube. It's a nice watch, with the song from Ames' debut EP, Complicated Daydream, scoring an assortment of clips that start at a funeral and end at a wedding. It's promising stuff for sure from the performer, who now, with her Fall Indie Fest win, will find her songs backed by Kirtland Records, home to the Toadies, Sarah Jaffe and Smile Smile.

Tomorrow, Ames will meet with Kirtland reps to hammer out the details of their deal--which, at this point, appears only to be a singles deal--but Kirtland's team says they're intrigued with what they've seen so far from Ames.

"The cool thing," says Kirtland's Tami Thompsen, "is that she was an artist we'd never even heard of before the fest."

The team at Kirtland, as well as organizers of the fest, were the ones who picked Ames as their winner from the pool of entrants.

As Kirtland and Ames move forward in their relationship, we'll keep you posted about the plans.

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