Watch: Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights Perform New Song "Where The Wind Blows" for Immaculate Infatuation

The above clip comes courtesy of the folks at

Immaculate Infatuation

, a restaurant review site run by two guys whose day jobs are in the music industry. And, on a recent trip to Brooklyn, the hosting duo met up with Dallas' own

Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

, which was also in Brooklyn during the current tour that will eventually find the band returning home to Dallas for a performance on Saturday, March 13, at the Granada Theater

as part of the Observer-sponsored Greenville Avenue Parade After-Party


Anyway, the above clip shows frontman Jonathan Tyler, lead axeman Kansas and multi-instrumentalist Nick Jay talking some Texas-versus-New York barbecue jive with the hosts, then following up their chat with a live, toned-down performance of their song "Where The Wind Blows," which will be released as part of the band's major label debut release, Pardon Me, when it earns its release on April 27. The above clip cuts the performance off, but the site also posted the performance clip in its entirety, too--and we've got it after the jump.

After all, as we learned a few weeks back during our own DC9 Live at El Sibil taping, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights' toned-down performances are prety impressive.

Not too shabby.

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