Watch: Lil Twist feat. Bow Wow -- "Lil' Secret"

Speaking of new music videos, the Dallas contingent of Young Money Entertainment, Lil Twist, has a mew one for his Bow Wow-featuring song called "Lil' Secret," which pretty much follows the same formats as most of the old Bob Wow video's before he dropped the "Lil" from his name. Which is to day: The high-pitched Twist's parents head out of town, tell him not to throw a party, he does (with women twice his age, that player), and then they come home just in time to see that, oh, no worries, it's just Twist and his boys chilling at the crib.

The song's kinda a snoozer if you're asking me. But I do appreciate Twist's line "Yeah, I got green like my last name was Rondo / Ballin' for a minute like my last name's Mutombo." As an NBA fan, I mean.

You know who isn't a fan, though? The Oklahoma City Thunder's Kevin Durant, who last week tweeted that he wasn't exactly a fan of Lil Twist's music. You won't see it on Durant's Twitter feed, though; seems he deleted the tweet. Oh well.

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