Watch: Play-N-Skillz Show Bun B Around Dallas For Trill OG's Latest Single, "Ridin Slow."

A few weeks back, on the same weekend when Dallas-based super-producers Play-N-Skillz were hosting auditions for their in-development MTV reality show, the Brothers Salinas also welcomed a Texas hip-hop legend and long-time collaborator to town.

Turns out Juan and Oscar Salinas, who produced the latest single, "Ridin' Slow," off Bun B's August-released Trill OG album, had convinced the Houston-based, surviving UGK member to shoot the video for the single right here in Dallas -- and not just because of their production credits but because, for the first time in the production duo's career, the hook sung in the demo rendition by Skillz wasn't re-hashed by another R&B singer (see: T-Pain's hook in Lil Wayne's "Got Money"), but actually just used as was.

And Bun B wasn't the only rapper to come to town for the video shoot. The just-released video also features cameos from Lil Jon, who was in town for a gig, and other rappers -- including many familiar Dallas hip-hop faces. Give the video, much of which was shot at Play-N-Skillz's new Deep Ellum-based production offices, a watch after the jump.

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