Watch: Sarah Jaffe -- "Clementine"

Well, folks,

as promised

, here it is, the first video from

Sarah Jaffe

, featuring her song "Clementine," off her full-length debut,

Suburban Nature


Directed by Jon Todd Collins, whose work you might remember from recent videos from Doug Burr and The Orbans, the video debuted during Jaffe's performance at the Granada Theater on Saturday night before being released to the Internet hounds this morning.

Without question, it's a beautiful clip, featuring more than a few familiar faces--including Will Johnson (of Centro-matic, South San Gabriel), Glen Farris (of Doub Burr's backing band, his own solo work), Trenton Wheeler (of Seryn) and Jeremy Bueller (of Bosque Brown and The Hope Trust)--but don't try reading too, too much into what the story's trying to tell you. Because, well, there isn't much of a story--intentionally.

Explains Kirtland Records' Tami Thompsen, who produced the clip, the idea, rather than to give the song a cliched boy-meets-girl storyline, was just give the video a stunning visual to match its auditory offerings. I'd say that much was accomplished here, no?

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