Watch: School of Seven Bells Keeps The Acoustic Thing Going, Offers Up "Windstorm" Take

A big tip of the hat to

the very underrated locally based music blog Douchebag Face

, which earlier today posted the above clip of

School of Seven Bells

, who come to Denton for a gig at Hailey's on October 8, performing an acoustic take of their

Disconnect From Desire

song "Windstorm" for the web series The Guest Apartment. It's the second time the band, which features Dallas native Ben Curtis on guitar and electronics,

has offered up an acoustic take of one of its new songs for web video series


This version, obviously, is less ethereal than the original take, for which the band has already released a music video, but it still sings, baby. And, certainly, it shows that there's more to this three-piece than a proclivity for electronic adornments.

Update: Just realized that Disconnect From Desire is available as a $5 purchase at Amazon this month. So there you go.


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