Watch: School of Seven Bells -- "Windstorm"

School of Seven Bells' sophomore effort, Disconnect from Desire, earned its release last month after the early leaking of two singles from the disc, "Babelonia" and "Windstorm." It's the latter of those two early leaks that's earned the official single release treatment from band management, though, with the release of the above video early this week.

Kinda tough to tell what's going on in the clip--lots of pensive looks, some picture-taking, people inexplicably turning in circles, etc.--but it's still a visually pleasing one. And it's not lacking for images of Dallas native (and former Secret Machine) Benjamin Curtis or his bandmates, twin sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza, posing for the camera.

A bit of a continuation problem: How is the kid in the car looking at Aly in one shot moving from his right to his left, and then, in direct shots of him, moving from his left to his right? Dunno. But such is all rather moot. The clip does it's job--giving the aurally pleasing track a similarly visually pleasing companion piece.

Catch the band at Hailey's Club in Denton on Friday, October 8.

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