Watch: Sore Losers and HelloeARTh Re-Imagine Kanye West's "Runaway"

In this past week's paper, I muse on the state of Dallas hip-hop, something I'd been thinking about rather frustratingly for some time now--until, that is, I finally caught Sore Losers' live show on a bill at The Nightmare on Sunday, October 24. There, backed by the band HelloeARTh, Sore Losers kind of blew me away, giving this hip-hop fan a little bit of hope as pertains to the future of the Dallas hip-hop scene.

After the jump, get a taste for what I saw at that show thanks to the just-posted re-imagination the duo and their live band are offering up of Kanye West's song-of-the-year contender "Runaway." It's a stirring take--an opinion, I swear, not swayed by the fact that my article gets a nice little video cameo there at the end of the clip.

Seriously, give it a watch.

Oh, and speaking of West and "Runaway," if you haven't watched his 35-minute film yet of the same name, you really should. It's kind of genius.

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