Watch Spector 45 Perform A New Song (Kinda) Live at The Black Swan. Or: So That's What Deep Ellum's Like These Days.

So the Black Swan's kind of an awesome Deep Ellum dive located in

the old Thin Room spot

across from Trees, and, twice a week (every Sunday and Wednesday), the room adds some music to the neighborhood's already-pretty-full-these-days platter.

The first band the Swan ever hosted? That's an easy one: The punks and Deep Ellum mainstays in Spector 45. And, courtesy of Rene Coronado, the man behind that killer Ishi live video from Sons that we posted a few weeks back, it was documented for posterity and, no doubt, your viewing pleasure. Like the Ishi one, this one too does a fine job of capturing the flavor of the evening--from barkeep Gabe slinging dranks to Frankie 45's cigarette flicks.

And the song, called "Try, Try, Try" from the band's upcoming Break Me is pretty solid, too--perhaps Spector's most melodic yet. So check it out. If nothing else, it's a nice representation of a night out on Elm Street these days.


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