Watch: Street Musician Big Horn Gets A Close-Up Outside of the Dallas World Aquarium

A couple weeks back, friend of the program

Josh Romero

was out on the town with some friends, waling out of the Dallas World Aquarium, when a street musician going by the name of Big Horn caught his eye.

"I didn't know the guy at all," Romero says. "He was just posted up, playing his tunes. We were taken aback by how awesome he was--like, seriously, so good. He just had this personality when he played."

So Romero, who had his camera on him, started filming Big Horn's playing, and asked him a few questions, too. The results of that afternoon encounter can be seen in the gorgeous clip above.

"I just know he was good, and I didn't want to miss the opportunity to shoot," Romero adds. "It was just raw and real. We just sat there and watched him play for the people around. I think he was mainly playing for this lady gal he had with him. It was so cool. Just right place, right time."

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