Watch: The 40 Nights of Rock & Roll Team Rolls Through The Granada Theater and Stops Off At Will Johnson's Home.

Early last week,

we introduced you to Steve LaBate, formerly of Paste magazine and half the duo behind the upcoming 40 Nights of Rock & Roll documentary

, which is currently filming and rolled through North Texas for a few stops last week. And, earlier this week, LaBate and his partner in crime, Scott Sloan,

posed a couple clips of their North Texas stops onto their web site promoting their efforts

--including the above clip, which found the pair

at the Granada Theater on Monday, May 24, for the of Montreal show

. It's worth the watch--for clips of the Granada, for clips of the show, and for clips of of Montreal frontman Kevin Barnes outside the Granada signing autographs for fans. Also: A pretty good watch if you enjoy the mispronunciation of the theater's name and for some out-of-towner insight into the Lower Greenville parking situation, which, spoiler alert, still confuses. Check it out.

And, for another treat, check another clip the duo's filmed, which we've posted after the jump. That one features a visit the duo made to the of Centro-matic frontman Will Johnson and finds Johnson performing "I, The Kite," on piano for the camera. The big reveal, though? Johnson keeps his piano in his laundry room, apparently.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.