Watch: The Frontier Brothers -- "You Should Start A Band"

Our pal Preston Jones just posted the above video of The Frontier Brothers' new single over on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's music blog. And good thing, too, as it's something of a keeper: "You Should Start A Band," the lead single off the sometime Austin-, sometime Fort Worth-based outfit's new three song EP, is an earworm of a listen. And the video's pretty sweet, too, following, as the YouTube info-box explains, "a posse of drunk and inconsiderate bears [partying] their way to The Frontier Brothers' underground concert."

Me? I take the bears as more adorably unaware of the ways of the world, rather than inconsiderate. But maybe I'm just a nice person.

I'm nice enough, at least, to point you in the direction of this link, which allows you to download the song for free. It's a synth-heavy ditty no doubt, but still along the lines of the band's last release, Space Punk Starlet, which wowed us just fine back when it was released in 2008. Oh, and you can catch The Frontier Brothers live at Bill's Records on Saturday April 17, as part of the store's joint celebration of Record Store Day and owner Bill Wisener's birthday. There, the Frontier Brothers will be joined by Ha Ha Tonka, Dem Southernfolkz and The Marfalites, among others.

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Pete Freedman
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