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"I guess I got bored," Wade says. "I started to get more into stuff like [DJ] Shadow and just different approaches to hip-hop. I kind of got bored with, you know, 'We need a chant chorus here,' and those kinds of things. And so I told the guys I was in a band with, 'Look, I'm basically just going to start producing. I'll be happy to produce for you, but I don't wanna be in a band anymore.'"

Since then, Wade and Ayala have been getting together at Ayala's home studio a few times a week, each bringing new ideas to the mixing board. But don't get the wrong idea: When Wade said he didn't want to be in a band anymore, he meant it.

"I guess Hydroponic Sound System isn't really a band," Wade says. "It's just whatever me and Ruben want to do and whoever we want to involve in that project. We want to keep doing records--you know, Hydroponic Sound System records--involving the same people we involved the first time around, maybe adding some people from outside the city on some stuff. It's kind of like the Chemical Brothers if they were doing hip-hop: It's producer-based. It could be instrumental. It could be vocal. It could have someone singing on it. Whatever. Whatever it needs to be. Hip-hop got to the point where every song had the same little formula, and it just got boring. It wasn't exciting as it was when I first got into it."

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