Weekend Round-Up: The Edgefest 19 Edition

I just spent way too long on Youtube searching for videos from this past weekend in area concert-going (apparently our spring semester interns' last days have come and gone), and all I came up with were videos from Edgefest 19 up at Pizza Hut Park this past weekend.

But beggars can't be choosers I guess. Without further ado, here's how you spent your weekend, music fans...

Shinedown on Saturday, May 9, at Pizza Hut Park
I actually woke up at fairly a reasonable hour today, which never happens, and as a result, I had a chance to check out this morning's installment of AMTV, the lone hour-long block of programming on the formerly music-centric channel that's dedicated to music videos. After some Kings of Leon, which was refreshing, they played Shinedown. And I stopped watching. Yet here I am doing it again. Check out the one guys in the white T-shirt in the sea of audience members in front of the stage: He is way too happy to be at this performance.

Papa Roach on Saturday, May 9, at Pizza Hut Park
Papa Roach played this day-long fest, too, which is interesting, because, as Ben Westhoff told us last week, the band's a bunch of hypcrites. Anyway, the most interesting thing about this video, in my opinion at least, is that it's pretty inadvertantly NSFW. How? Here's a hint: The crowd erupts in cheers toward the beginning of this song--and not because of the band...

311 on Saturday, May 9, at Pizza Hut Park
People either love or hate 311. Christopher Lopez is in the love camp. Me? I don't care what anyone says; the KKK is not OK in my book, even if they do a good job of hiding their ways.

Korn on Saturday, May 9, at Pizza Hut Park
People still love the crap out of Korn, all these album-less years later. Hey, remember the days when Korn beating out The Backstreet Boys for the No. 1 spot on TRL was a big deal? No? Oh well. Either way, point is: People love Korn. Still. Shockingly. Watch everyone freak out in this clip (not recommended if you're pregnant, have issues with vertigo and/or just ate lunch).

...and that was your nu-metal weekend.

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