Weekend Roundup: Animal Collective, Red, Brutal Juice, Chameleon Chamber Group, Blixaboy, Blake Shelton, George Strait, DJ's/Devices Reunion, Girl In A Coma

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Another weekend's come and gone, which means, yup, it's time again to reminisce on your fuzzy memories with some help from Youtube.

Animal Collective on Thursday, June 4, at the House of Blues
Daniel Rodrigue already reviewed this show for us, which, sure, didn't happen over the weekend, but came close enough. In this performance of "Slippi," you'll see what he was talking about when he mentioned that giant beach ball that was being used to project video. Trippy, indeed.

Red on Friday, June 5, at The Door
Tough to say exactly what song it is that Christian rockers Red are performing in this here clip. But, man, good on the cameraman for getting so close to the stage for these nice shots. I happened to drive past the venue on the way home from work on the office on Friday night, and lemme tell you: The lines were HUGE. This guy must've been one of the first ones in.

Brutal Juice on Friday, June 5, at Club Dada
In this week's North of the Dial space, Daniel Rodrigue again checked in, this time for an interview with Brutal Juice, which reunited for two shows around the region this weekend. First up? Friday night's performance at Club Dada, as shot by Jeff Liles.

Chameleon Chamber Group on Friday, June 5, at Club Dada
Again, another clip from Liles--this one of Brutal Juice openers Chameleon Chamber Group, which offered up some decidedly lighter fare.

Blixaboy on Friday, June 5, at Club Dada
Yet another Liles-shot clip from Friday night. This one features local musician Wanz Dover performing a set under his Blixaboy moniker.

Blake Shelton on Saturday, June 6, at Cowboys Stadium
Here's the charismatic Shelton pandering to the crowd at Cowboys Stadium, bemoaning the traffic at and around the arena and dedicating a song to the difficulties his band has arrivign to the stadium on time. Hilariously enough, no, that's not the camera person's view of the stage--it's his/her view of the HD Jumbotron.

George Strait on Saturday, June 6, at Cowboys Stadium
Here's King George hisself--this time shot by someone with a pretty decent view of the actual stage, nice enough. Does kinda demonstrate some of the sound concerns of the crowd, though...

The Devices on Saturday, June 6, at AllGood Cafe
The Devices reunited at AllGood Cafe this weekend as part of a reunion for the old DJ's club from back in the day--something that in-house old-timer Robert Wilonsky openly laments missing. Oh well. Sorry, Robert. On the bright side, Liles was there again, shooting video as he so often does these days, bless his heart.

Girl in a Coma on Sunday, June 7, at the Pontiac Garage
San Antonio's own stopped by for a gig on Sunday night, which also featured Miss Derringer and local punkers Here Holy Spain. DC9er Lance Lester stopped by the show and reviewed it for his own blog. You can see his thoughts on the set over there, along with some video he shot. Video that doesn't include this clip, I don't think.

...and that, ladies and germs, was your weekend. Pretty good one, too, by the looks of it.

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