Weekend Roundup: Armin van Buuren, John Heiman, Ozzfest

I hope you have your glow sticks ready. Here is a taste of Armin van Buuren, electronic, er…trance DJ at the Lizard Lounge on Saturday. Watch at your own risk; strobe lights can cause seizures.

Apparently John Heiman’s Cowboy spirit isn’t low after Saturday’s preseason loss. Check out his “jangle.” Wonder if these girls would perform it at half time?

If you didn’t attend Ozzfest because you didn’t want to, not because you couldn’t afford it and you have no desire to see what went on, stop reading/watching now. Here’s Ozzy, and the crowd singing “Mama I’m Coming Home.”

This next clip, also from Ozzfest, is “For Whom the Bell Tolls” by Metallica. I sure do hope it sounded better live--I was wishing my bell would toll about midway through this one.

Below, more Ozzfest and some shameless promotion by Metallica as they perform their new song, “Cyanide.” “Suicide, I’ve already died. It’s the funeral I’ve been waitin' for...” Catchy right? Sounds like a hit.

And finally, it’s an encore, one more from Metallica, but this time with King Diamond. Apparently we’ve only got a little over six “minutes of Satan,” but don’t worry, King Diamond, we don’t think you “fucked it up.”

...and that was your weekend. --Courtney Clenney

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