Weekend Roundup: Dave Matthews Band, Seven Story Drop, Early Pearl, Lady Gaga, Some Dude on Lower Greenville

In the retirement community of a town that I grew up in, my teenage friends and I would drive around the back roads for hours, day after day, much to my dad’s dismay. He’d say, “Courtney, gas is a dollar and a quarter a gallon!” Ha, those were the days. Dave Matthews Band and “Crash” were there through it all, though; we pretty much had that one on repeat. It’s no “Crash,” but here’s Dave and the band performing “Bringin’ Down the House” from Saturday’s show at Superpages.com Center...

On Saturday, Dallas’ own, Seven Story Drop had a CD release party at Firewater. While I attempted percussion for about a week in high school, I’m no expert; but this is still a kick-ass drum solo from Jimmy Dereta...

Early Pearl of Dallas was also at Firewater on Saturday. Here is a performance from them--and props to the video maker on this one...

And though we can’t guarantee that this happened this past weekend, but some Youtuber found this guy on Lower Greenville. The title of the clip says everything: “Fat guy singing 'Walk the Line'”...

We almost didn’t open this one. With a title like “Lady Gaga @ Club Purgatory,” we were a little afraid of what we were about to see. Surprise! Turns out Lady Gaga is an up-and-coming pop star. According to her website, she was even nominated for two VMA awards…doesn’t look like she’ll be getting a Moonman this year, but here are two of her songs from Saturday’s show at Club Purgatory...

…and that was your weekend. --Courtney Clenney

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