Weekend Roundup: Day 26, Butch Walker, Benny Benassi, Letters to Cleo, Steve Aoki, Queensryche, Gavin Rossdale

Another weekend, another flurry of Youtube videos showing you what you could have seen this weekend around the ol' Metroplex...

Day 26 on Thursday, May 21, at House of Blues
P. Diddy's modern-day boy band Day 26, stars MTV's Making the Band, stopped through town late last week for a show at the House of Blues. The song you can't really hear them performing here--hey now, bass!--is called "Stadium Music," which is funny, I think at least, in this context, in which the boys clearly aren't performing in a stadium. Ha! Oh, whatever--it's not like the screaming girls in the crowd care either way...

Butch Walker on Thursday, May 21, at the House of Blues' Pontiac Garage
While Day 26 had the girls screaming at the House of Blues' downstairs room, Butch Walker was dazzling the girls in the venue's upstairs room in a whole other way. Here, the successful pop songwriter has the crowd singing along to his every word.

Benny Benassi on Saturday, May 23, at the Lizard Lounge
Noted international DJ Benny Benassi stopped through town last weekend to play Lizard Kounge's annual Meltdown party--which, according to the person who uploaded this clip, faced some fire marshal issues during this very performance. Doesn't seem to affect this clip, though, as it checks in at almost 10 minutes long. So, getcher popcorn ready, I guess.

Letters to Cleo on Saturday, May 23, at The Loft
OK. I'll admit it: When we gave away tickets to this show last week, I was a little concerned about the quality of the show we'd be sending DC9 readers to see. Well, from the looks of it, the show turned out pretty OK. This much is for sure: Frontwoman Kay Hanley still seems to have "it." Here she is with her band, performing the biggest song of their career together, "Here & Now."

Steve Aoki on Sunday, May 24, at Ghostbar
I've been to Ghostbar for DJ shows in the past, and, lemme tell you, they're kind of a beating. The crowd's barely paying attention and, more often than not, seems totally disinterested in who the big name act behind the turntables is, regardless of credentials. But, credit where it's due: Check out celebrity DJ Steve Aoki in this clip, working the crowd from his perch. This, actually, looks like a lot of fun. Tough to tell from the clip just how into it the crowd was, though...

Queensryche on Sunday, May 24, at House of Blues
Even more remarkable than the fact that Queensryche is still going all these years into its career is the fact that the demand still remains pretty high. here the band is rocking the main room at the House of Blues on Sunday night--and, really, just listen to that crowd singing along. Never woulda expected that.

Gavin Rossdale on Monday, May 25, at House of Blues
Alright, folks, let's take this week's segment out with a slow jam, courtesy Bush's Gavin Rossdale, in town to support his solo project, but unafraid to showcase his older stuff, too, "Glycerine" case in point. Oddly enough, his wifey, Gwen Stefani, stops through town next week, reunited with her old band No Doubt. Which begs the question, I think: What about their kids? Ah, whatever.

...and that was your weekend, folks.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.