Weekend Roundup: Grand Ole Party, Justin Nozuka, Rancid, Dallas City Arts Festival, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights

What better place to start this week’s Weekend Roundup than with last week’s Aural Ambush victims, er, subjects, Grand Ole Party, who played The Cavern on Saturday night?

...According to his biography, Justin Nozuka has, “the heart-bending soul of a gospel preacher.” A little further down, it says that Nozuka learned to play the guitar, “with his Mexican friends at boarding school.” And, so, I ask you this: How many boarding school children have you known to then grown up with, “the soul of Lauryn Hill”? Listen to the VH1 You Oughta Know artist's performance at the Palladium Ballroom from Saturday and judge for yourself:

...Let it never be said that Weekend Roundup has no culture. For evidence, we put forth the Dallas Asian American Youth Orchestra playing at the Dallas City Arts Festival last weekend:

...And what better way to follow the Dallas Asian American Youth Orchestra than with Rancid? They’re about the same genre. So enjoy the extra taste of civility, with footage of Rancid performing at the Granada on Saturday:

Forth Worth's 8.0 is fast becoming a hotspot for live music, with its shaded patio set in the heart of downtown. Last Thursday, it hosted Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, an innocent, locally-based pop band who likes to call it sound “blues.” Hmmm. Never heard of it:

...And that was your weekend. --Spencer Campbell

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.