Weekend Roundup: Juan Gabriel & Rocio Durcal, Todd Snider, Mando Saenz, Professor D, Dancing With The Stars Tour, Iris Leu.

Well, the weekend's officially caput. Here's what you've forgotten already (maybe).

First, a couple videos from show that actually happened pretty early last week: Todd Snider...

...and Mando Saenz, who together split a bill on Tuesday night at the Granada.

And, that same night, at Chances, Juan Gabriel and Rocio Durcal got down with their authentic selves (quite beautifully, too).

Then, there was the "really? people will pay to see this?" Dancing with the Stars tour...

Professor D did his best Outkast at the Big D NYE celebration in Victory Park.

And Dallas' own Iris Leu did a very nice, if somewhat Across the Universe-y, "Let It Be" at a Bill's in-store over the weekend.

...and that was your week/weekend, in videos. --Pete Freedman


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