Weekend Roundup: Kenny Chesney, THe BAcksliders, VEGA, Katy Perry, GS Boyz

Another weekend, another slew of Youtube uploads reminding us about what we did...

Kenny Chesney at Pizza Hut Park on May 17, 2009
Kenny Chesney returned to Frisco last night to make up for his rained-out performance from earlier in the month. It was so awesome, the crowd even cheered as Chesney took off his boots. Not sure why they're cheering, or if there's some sort of euphemism going on here that I'm just not hip to, but whatever. Without further ado: a video of Chesney removing his boots as the crowd cheers him on. Go figure.

THe BAcksliders at House of Blues on Saturday, May 16
Dallas' most rock-out-with-your-cock-out/jam-out-with-your-clam-out band took to the House of Blues' main room on Saturday night to celebrate the release of its newest disc, Thank You. Sounds not so hot on this clip, but man these guys sure do give it their all on stage...

VEGA at The Lounge on Elm Street on Thursday, May 14
Alan Palomo and Co. took to the Lounge on Thursday night and Dallas/NYC/LA blog Helloooooo.com was there to film the band performing the title track off its new Well Known Pleasures EP. Whether they planted the girls who jumped on stage to dance, well, I just don't know.

Katy Perry at House of Blues on May 11
So, no, this didn't happen last weekend, per se, but it did happen last week, which, really, is close enough. Plus, Mondays are the new Fridays, I hear. Well, OK., that's not true either, but that doesn't mean I'm not getting drunk tonight. Or does it. You be the judge! Anyway: Here's Katy Perry performing the pilate-tastic "Hot N Cold" from last week.

On the set of the video shoot for the GS Boyz's new single "Booty Dew"...
These guys are hanging out as it happens. Which is more than you and I can say. Well, more than I can, at least.

...and that was your weekend (kinda).

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.