Weekend Roundup: Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Ohgr, 12 Stones, Some Kid From Degrassi

Now that you've had, oh, about three hours to settle back into the work week, I guess it's time to fondly look back on the weekend that was, eh? Let's get right into it.

Lil Wayne and T-Pain at American Airlines Center
Looking back on it now, my glorious prose doesn't really do Lil Wayne's entrance on Friday night that much justice. Well, not as much as this clip does, at least. Forward this sucker to two minutes in for the full effect (and least amount of pre-payoff camera-induced motion sickness).

Need more Lil Wayne? OK. Here he is, from another angle entirely, performing "Phone Home". Remember: You and him are not the same; he is a Martian.

Now, watch T-Pain and his back-up mime literally dance out the lyrics to his song "Bartender".

...and watch T-Pain objectify a dwarf dressed as Britney Spears for comedic effect. Stay classy, T. Stay classy.

..and now here's an actor from Degrasi: The Next Generation somehow making his way on stage, and somehow pretending like he's "street".

Ohgr at Granada Theater
Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that guy's making out with a disembodied head.

12 Stones at Firewater
I have no idea when this took place. But it kinda makes me want to go to Firewater.

...maybe. Anyway, that was your weekend. --Pete Freedman

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