Weekend Roundup: Monster + Mosh, Black Achilles, Cheech and Chong and STS9

There were goblins and ghouls aplenty on the streets this Halloween weekend. And most of them even wore costumes.

But whether you were ghoulish by choice or by birth it was a good weekend to embrace the inner music monster and head on out to see some shows. Here’s the results of all that show seeing. (Well, some of the results--the video posting people seem to be a little slow today.) So pull out some leftover Halloween candy and prepare to revisit…the weekend.

Emery on Friday at the Monster + Mosh, Plano Centre There’s a lot of shaky-camera you-are-there kind of action here, but man don’t these kids look like they’re having fun? I especially like the keyboard player’s moves. He jumps on the keyboard, jumps up and down a lot, and all in rhythm--without, you know, falling over like I kept expecting him too. Zappa always accused guitarists of being especially prone to spew, but this guy is proving yet again that guitar players aren’t the only ones willing to go a little over the top...

A Day to Remember on Friday at the Monster + Mosh at the Plano Centre (again) Here’s something to see: First there is darkness and then, as the light floods the stage, the guys onstage are doing….coordinated head banging. I’m glad they decided not to go with the jazz hands. That would have been--yep--over the top...

Drop Dead Gorgeous on Friday at the Monster + Mosh at Plano Center (still) Where’s Waldo? Why, he’s right there. See him? He’s the one onstage singing in a red striped shirt. Yep there he is. Next page please...

Black Achilles on Friday at Club Dada' Happy Hour So they aren’t exactly Led Zeppelin, and the lead singer certainly isn’t any Robert Plant...but what he lacks in the Plant looks category, the little guy makes up for in attitude when covering "Dazed and Confused". In fact, there’s a couple times where, if I didn’t know that Plant was alive and well and hanging out with Allison Krauss, I’d wonder if he hadn’t sent his soul through Dallas this last Halloween. The guy gets the hip swivel and the saucy attitude down pat...

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Cheech and Chong on Saturday at the Majestic Theater And here’s a moment of Zen: Dallas was graced with a truly great presence this weekend. Cheech and Chong played not one, but two shows in Dallas this weekend, and the results were awesome, dude. Does it seem a little hazier in the city today or is it just me? Here they are, and the words are posted so you can even sing along. Be careful, though: Just watching this video may leave you with a desire for salty snack foods, and a little Bob Marley...

And as if that wasn’t enough…

STS9 on Saturday at the House of Blues Meanwhile, STS9 was putting their flashing lights to good use. You’ll either end up with a seizure or just grooving to a really cool show while watching this clip...

And now it’s Monday and the weekend is over. The costumes are put away and the candy has been eaten all up, but that was your very spooky--or at least mildly entertaining--weekend. --Dianna Wray

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