Weekend Roundup: Projekt Revolution. Projekt Revolution, Projekt Revolution, Kevin Welch, Rabbit In The Moon

You might have heard there was a little somethin’ goin’ on this past weekend by the name of Projekt Revolution. Here’s “One Step Closer” from Linkin Park. Just an observation; somebody paid some big bucks for those lights. We like, we like.

After seeing this next one—“Black Hole Sun” by Chris Cornell, also from the Projekt Revolution Tour—it occurred to me that while I would very passionately belt the lyrics to this song back in the day, I never really knew what they meant. Apparently, neither does anyone else. Anyhow, Black Hole Sun, whatever you are, please come; the rain is getting on my nerves.

Street Drum Corps was also on the bill for Projekt Revolution, but where’s the guitar? SDC uses a variety of banging equipment—recycled garbage cans, kitchenware, and buckets, to name a few—in their shows. But, we think the lead singer, Bobby Alt, kinda looks like this guy.

Troublesome Times or Trouble Sometimes? Your guess is as good as ours, or maybe Kevin Welch has made a new word, "troublesometimes." Whatever. Here he is singing that song live from the Granada Theater last Friday.

The Lizard Lounge hosted Rabbit in the Moon last Saturday. According to their Myspace page, they are “the most original electronic group in the world.” Well, somebody should tell them their “about me” section is really difficult to read. Here is a clip from their show--pretty cool, the chick is dancing with fire!

…and that was your weekend. --Courtney Clenney

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