Weekend Roundup: Ruthie Foster, The Gourds, Vanilla Ice, Death Cab for Cutie

Ruthie Foster popped onto the Texas music scene a few years ago with a powerful voice and an acoustic accompaniment. Her new album, The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster, diverges into soul music, complete with an all-star band. Will the change drown out her lovely pipes? Or will the album be a smash and change Ruthie forever? We’re on pins and needles. Here’s a taste of the new Ruthie playing The Granada on Saturday:

...According to their Web site, The Gourds put out, “…the most dense, reference-laden country songs of the last 10 years.” Even better, they have, “…shied away from the tear-in-my-beer ballads that made country music a commercial powerhouse over the last 50 years.” To show our appreciation for rebuffing anything mainstream country, we give you The Gourds, Friday night, at The Granada:

...Do I really need to re-introduce Robert Van Winkle? Instead, how about I praise the Great Vanilla Ice, who (by the looks of the video) slaughtered at Firewater on Saturday? I mean, he must hate that song, right? Yet, he keeps doling it out to heaving masses of Gen Xers intent on reliving parachute pants and the high fade. Bless you, Mr. Ice:

...Yes, I know, DC9 already did the review. But take a look at Death Cab for Cutie’s show at Nokia last Tuesday anyway. Then, if you disagree with the review you can send the reviewer thousands of nasty remarks. That ought to kill off a Monday at the office:

...and that was your weekend. --Spencer Campbell

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.