Weekend Roundup: Summer Meltdown, True Colors Tour

This weekend was a buffet of techno delight. A glow sticks salesman’s wet dream. There was enough ecstasy to get Amy Winehouse high. Well, at least, according to what's on Youtube.

Yes, it was “Meltdown: Summer Edition” last Saturday at the Lizard Lounge, and if you like techno beats--and I think ya’ do--this is going to rock your world: Seven different musicians (I use "musician" loosely) spun it out, including Chicago-based Green Velvet. Enjoy.

And we know this is a weekend-before-last event, but when Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett and the rest of the True Colors Tour come flying through your town, I guess you cover it. Or post a Youtube clip of it. That, or you run the risk of facing the wrath of one Ms. Lauper. So here are some special selections from their show, Saturday-before-last, at the Smirnoff Music Centre...

Joan Jett...

And the big finale...

...and that was you weekend (and the weekend before that). --Spencer Campbell


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