Weekend Roundup: The Cure, French Kicks, Frightened Rabbits, Calhoun

Daniel Rodrigue won’t stop raving about The Cure’s show at the AAC on Friday night, so we here at Weekend Roundup have decided to treat you to two of their clips. Hopefully, this will shut him up.

Last week’s Aural Ambush subjects, the French Kicks, played the Granada on Wednesday night. I wonder if Mason Weaver, this week’s Everyday Joe, decided to check out the show? I’m guessing no.

The Scottish group Frightened Rabbit is currently roaming (should we say hopping?) around North America, and put in some time at the Granada last Wednesday. I’m sure their innocent pop sound melded with the French Kicks like white on anything innocuous.

Calhoun’s third album Falter.Waver.Cultivate was produced by Stuart Sikes, a Grammy-winner and former producer for The White Stripes. Which either means Calhoun is on the way up, or Sikes is falling fast. Listen to the group’s performance at The Loft last Friday and decided for yourself. We can’t make every decision for you.

--Spencer Campbell

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