Weekend Roundup: The Drams, Anvil, No Doubt

Not too much to be had on ye ol' Youtube today as far as this past weekend's offerings of live music is concerned. Maybe it's 'cause, y'kniow, it maybe wasn't the greatest weekend ever for live music? Maybe. Alas, next weekend's looking much better. But more on that as the week continues. In the meantime, here's what you took in this weekend, Metroplex. Enjoy.

The Drams on Friday, May 29, at Club Dada

At Friday's poster-winning show of the week, Brent Best and the rest of The Drams stopped into Deep Ellum fora gig at Club Dada. Among other songs, the band played "Dunk You In The River." Here's proof:

Anvil on Friday, May 29, at the Magnolia Theater
As promised, the would-be metal legends in Anvil played the Magnolia Theater in West Village on Friday night after the 9:30 screening of the new rock doc featuring the band, called quite aptly, Anvil! The Story of Anvil. Earlier in the name, after the 7:45 p.m. screening of the film, the band endured a Q&A session with our own Robert Wilonsky. He's a film critic, you know.

No Doubt on Saturday, May 30, at Superpages.com Center
And, last but not least, Gwen Stefani and her fellow recent Spin magaine cover models in No Doubt played the still-horribly named Superpages.com Center on Saturday as the headliners of a frontwoman-powered tour that also features The Sounds and Paramore. Which, on a few levels, makes this performance of "Just A Girl" all the more empowering. Gosh, it's like the mid-'90s all over again. Where are the Spice Girls when you need them?

...and that was your weekend, music fans.

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