Weekend Roundup: Vans Warped Tour, Much?

Well, if we’re talking about the music scene last weekend then we’re talking about the Vans Warped Tour. So, instead of trying to scrounge up a bunch of cover bands and also-rans, we here at Weekend Roundup thought we’d give you a taste of what was going on over at Fair Park on July 4th Eve. Some might say it was better than the fireworks show they had there on Friday.

I wouldn’t, but tongue-studded ‘tweeners would.

Let’s start with San Diego’s Angels and Airwaves. We’ll let you decide for yourself on their music, but be sure to check out the cover art for their album, I-Empire. It’s got a very early ‘80s Star Wars poster-feel to it. Totally chic.

From one coast to the other, New York’s Gym Class Heroes also played the Warped Tour and featured a nice jazz saxophone. Nah, we’re kidding, they think they're hardcore hip-hop.

Who’d a thought that one of the hottest young bands on the circuit would come out of Franklin, Tennessee. The rock group Paramore got the privilege of performing on one of the main stages. Big deal. My girlfriend, Diamond, performs on the main stage 10 or 12 times a night. And she gets to hit the free buffet.

I’m out on Family Force 5 for one reason: They have band mates named Chap Stique, Crouton and Nadaddy. And they aren’t rappers. Let the ball come to you, boys. Quit pressing.

Story of the Year has hit the Big Time. Their new album, Black Swan, is available at Target for $9.99. It’s rarefied air up here, guys. Take it in.

And that was your weekend. --Spencer Campbell

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