What Do Jonas Brothers Fans Think of One Direction? We Asked.

The Great Boy Band War of '99 to '01 ended when Justin Timberlake ascended to solo pop stardom. Though the time of peace lasted from some years, the last few years have seen the rise of a new generation of boy bands, with two groups in particular who have once again captured the hearts and minds of America's youth: The Jonas Brothers and One Direction. Coincidentally, both played Dallas in the last few weeks.

We sent a reporter to the front of the battle to ask the fans of The Jonas Brothers what they thought of One Direction. We also sent him to One Direction, to ask about The Jonas Brothers -- you can see the results here.

What do One Direction Fans Think of The Jonas Brothers? We Asked.

The Fans of The Jonas Brothers

Vanessa (21), Kat (24), and Steph (22) (pictured above) From: Irving, Dallas and Addison

What do you think of One Direction?

OMG, we love, love love them, they're great. Zayn is the best.

What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?

Super excited for this show, it's been forever since they were here.

Breslyn (17), McKenna (17) and Becca (17) The Metroplex

What do you think of One Direction?


I don't care about them, they're awful.

They are so overrated.

Roberta (18), Annie (17) From: Dallas

What do you think of One Direction?

At one point I really liked them, but really they just feel like they're a typical boy band.

What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?

[The two ladies hurriedly made their way into the venue so as not to miss any of the show.]

Arley (24), Kaylee (17) From: Fort Worth, El Paso

What do you think of One Direction?

Oh, I don't like them at all.

They're a wannabe N*Sync, but without the talent.

They're really fake -- I can't stand them.

What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?

[Kaylee traveled 9 hours and 635 miles for this show.]

Nicole (21), Amanda (21) From: Garland

What do you think of One Direction?

Oh, I like One Direction over Jonas, their songs are better. I worked close to their new store that opened, it's insane.

I hope both groups get laid all of the time.

What do you think of the Jonas Brothers?

[Nicole has seen the Jonas Brothers about 10 times, but has moved on.]

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