"What Do We Gotta Do Dallas?"

That above headline comes at the request of Mike Biggs,
the man behind Life in Deep Ellum, who briskly walked past me two weekends ago at the second annual Mokah Music Summit and Showcase and opined as much, expressing his disappointment in the number of people (or lack thereof) who'd come to the free music and art event.

There was maybe around a hundred people in attendance at the evening's festivities, which featured free performances from the likes of The Orbans, Jonathan Tyler & The Northern Lights, The O's, RTB2 and others--a nice number, but disappointing nonetheless. Why? I dunno, perhaps because folks had seen their fill of free music the weekend prior at Good Records' bash? Who knows? This town never fails to surprise me.

Either way, a lot of folks did miss out on a cool, free local music-centric event. And, to top it all off, they missed the above video, which features a bunch of area misfits, including yours truly, talking about the state of the local scene.

Among other things you can glean from the video? I really need a haircut.

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