The best in the catalog? I'd say so.

Which Old 97's Record Would You Place On This List? If Any?

Stumbled across a blog called Pop Headwound this morning, specifically 'cause of this post about the author's eight favorite alt-country records of the '90s (which he wrote in response to this zine's post about the best albums of each year of the '90s). Anyway, I found it an interesting read, if only because the Old 97's' Too Far To Care popped up on the list.

Can't say I disagree, given the parameters of the list, although I don't know if it automatically gets in over Whiskeytown's Strangers Almanac which doesn't even make the list (and which Jesse Hughey hilariously wrote about a few months back when that disc got reissued).

But either way, yes, Too Far To Care's a phenomenal record and it still holds up surprisingly well , actually (download "Niteclub" here). That album's got to be considered the pinnacle of the 97's career, right? --Pete Freedman

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